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2018 Small Ship Cruise Brochure now available


Hi Alan,

We're busy working on the next edition of Wildiaries for you, which will feature reviews of some of the recent CSIRO publications on wildlife in Australia. That edition should be due out before the end of the month.

In the mean time, we thought you might like to browse the small ship cruise brochures for 2018. These have only recently been republished. As usual, they contain a selection of the most popular departures, chosen by us, from our highly comprehensive collection of departures.

We'll continue to send you a selection of the latest deals and offers, starting with a few listed below.



SHIP SIZE: we only promote small ship cruises. The ships we work with are usually between about 20-200 guests. The size of ship and destination combine to create different experiences that suit different styles of travel and travellers. Ask us for details.

Deals and offers: we've included a few recent examples below. These offers are continuously refreshed and often only last a few weeks. We can only ever show you a fraction of what's available.

When to book: the best time to book is almostcategorically 14-18 months before travel, especially for the most sought-after destinations. For example, two people booking Antarctica at this time, could save up to 20% on cabins and 40% on flights, a saving of up to $9,000 on mid-range accommodation. Last minute 20-50% off deals are usually only available for a few days and the saving is quite similar.

For further information,EMAIL USor fill in your details here. We usually respond within 48 hours.

Best wishes and safe travels,


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Editor's Pick

South Georgia to Cape Verde (33 Days)

On this brand-new avian adventure across the Atlantic—sailing from the far south, near the Antarctic Circle, to just off the northwest coast of Africa—you’ll truly get away from it all, journeying to volcanic islands that are so isolated and so rugged, many remain inaccessible and uninhabitable to all but the most unique wildlife.

For further information and to request a brochure,EMAIL USor

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Current Offers


Over 200 Special Offers

To enquire about any of these trips and request a brochure, follow the links and complete the enquiry form, or email us:




We usually respond within 48 hours.

Sadly we can only show you a small selection of all the currently available offers on small ship cruises world wide.

For further information on available specials, just let us know where and roughly when you want to travel,EMAIL US

Scotland in Depth

"I've been fortunate to lead expeditions all over the world and Scotland is one of the most diverse destinations you can voyage in. The history, culture, people, wildlife and landscapes are all incredible. I can't think of anywhere else you get that concentration of diverse and remarkable experiences."Aaron Russ, expedition leader

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