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October Travel Supplement - Galapagos

The Pint-sized Penguin's Pacific Partnership 


Hi Penguin,

Long before there was any talk of Trans Pacific Partnerships, Galapagos Penguins were trading on the benefits the Pacific Ocean brings to these famous equatorial waters off the coast of Ecuador.

You probably already know why Galapagos Penguins are unique - they are the only penguin that lives in the tropics.

That's only half the story. 

One of the remarkable things about understanding ecology is how a single species can sometimes reveal insights into the geography of entire regions. In this case, the humble penguin, is a barometer for a whole ocean climate. 

Perhaps more incredible is how it was even possible. When you consider the events that are needed to lead up to the evolution of an animal, it can be unfathomable.

A respect for how these things come about and what the presence of wildlife means for the integrity and health of our ecosystems, is what makes the journey to places like Galapagos so fascinating.  

Best wishes and safe travels,


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries 

Last Minute Deals

Up to $1,000 dollars off


Offers are between $500 - $1,000 off selected cruises, with limited availability, between now and the end of 2017. This amounts to a 9.5%-16% discount.

These vessels are at the luxury end of the market and with the discounts, trips are between about $650 - $790 per person per day, with departures between 4 - 8 days duration.

For further information, EMAIL US  

Otherwise, the best way to book Galapagos is well in advance, as there are relatively few departures and cabin space is extremely competitive. There are some great small and medium-sized expedition vessels to choose from.   




Galapagos Travel Guide

We respond to a lot of enquiries about  Galapagos. The islands' popularity and fame derives from the work of Charles Darwin and it has been featured extensively on TV. Here is our brief travel guide so we can help you get started to find the best priced and most suitable trip. 


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Pint-Sized Penguins Pacific Partnership

Venturing far out to sea isn’t an option for a Galapagos Penguin. It risks predation by sharks and saps valuable energy - both high risk strategies for a small bird in a cold ocean. 

To survive, the world’s penguins need ...

... read more


Other Travel 
Scotland in Depth

"I've been fortunate to lead expeditions all over the world and Scotland is one of the most diverse destinations you can voyage in. The history, culture, people, wildlife and landscapes are all incredible. I can't think of anywhere else you get that concentration of diverse and remarkable experiences." Aaron Russ, expedition leader

Raja Ampat - The Last Paradise FEBRUARY 2018

Nothing will prepare you for the experience of Raja Ampat. Because of its rich seas and unique wildlife, it’s been called the ‘Galapagos’ of Asia. Alfred Russel Wallace’s visited here as he amassed his own parallel theories of evolution that fed into Darwin’s. It deserves the reputation. It is one of the most amazing places on Earth.


Small Ship Cruise Portfolio

Do you share our philosophy and have decided that resort style vessels accommodating thousands of passengers is definitely not your type of holiday?

Then let us help you choose a perfect small ship cruise holiday. The majority of our ships range from only 8 to 150 passengers. So no round the clock buffets and long lines waiting to pay extra for your shore-excursion, just good old-fashioned exploring a destination with a small group of inquiring travellers. 

Travel in an intimate, safe and comfortable environment, to see and experience, learn as you travel and do all this in the company of like-minded travellers. Visit extraordinary places and have amazing experiences.


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