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Marine Iguana, Galapagos
Galapagos Island Travel Guide

Hi Simon,

Most people visit Galapagos between about June and November. From April onwards there's less rain, the weather cools with the onset of the Humboldt Current and wildlife activity increases. 

The best priced deals for almost anywhere these days are released a year in advance but the trips and offers are constantly evolving. Galapagos is a particularly high demand destination. Discounts are occasional but if you wait until the last minute, marginal benefits may be wiped away with increasing flight prices.The best priced flights are generally released 11 months before travel.

So if you're thinking about a trip in mid-2018, now is a good time to consider planning.   

We've put together a Galapagos Travel Guide that answers some of the common questions but if we know what you're looking for, we can help you cut through the bewildering number of options and keep you informed.

If you would like us to help you find a Galapagos trip to suit you ...  


One of the more common needs is travelling with a family. We've had a few enquiries recently and thought it would be nice to share that information with you.

So below we've listed some of the trips that particularly cater for kids.

If you've got other questions or needs and you follow the link (above) we'll get back to you with advice. 

Best wishes and safe travels,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Family-priced Galapagos Tours

Natural Paradise 

16 guests, luxury small ship

20% discount for children under 12 years*

M/Y Eric & Letty 

20 guests, luxury small ship

Children age 7 to 11 get 25% discount off the cruise rate and teens age 12 to 17 get 15% discount off the cruise rate (excluding holiday weeks)* 


16 guests, expedition ship

12 & unders get 50% off the normal costs* 

Cachalote I 

16 guests, expedition ship

12 & unders get 50% off the normal costs*

National Geographic Endeavour II 

96 guests, expedition ship

AU$500 off per child under 18yrs old* 

National Geographic Islander 

48 guests, luxury expedition ship

AU$500 off per child under 18yrs old* 

*Note, all specials are subject to availability and offers, they can also change at any time.  

Browse our complete collection of hand-picked small ship experiences for the Galapagos 



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Browse Small Ship Cruises to Galapagos

Small Ship Cruises

With more than 157 vessels and over 1,000 depatures a year, this collection of small ship cruises is the biggest and most comprehensive in the whole world. 

These trips are repeated a bewildering number of times on the internet. 

With personal knowledge of the voyages, we can answer any questions you have about travel to th Galapagos.  

Start by browsing our catalogue online When you’re ready, we will help you narrow down the options by finding a tour that suits your interests. 

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