Subject: Oct 2018, Blue Whales of the Banda Sea and Forgotten Islands

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A Blue Whale surfaces with characteristically huge spout
Blue Whales of the Banda Sea, October 2018

Hi Simon,

Imagine watching Blue Whales from a zodiac on the ocean, just like David Attenborough did famously, during Life of Mammals. That could be you!

Though being the biggest animal that ever lived on Earth, you'd think Blue Whales would be easier to find. 

It's taken three years for all the parts of this tour to come together. Blue Whales were only discovered using this area in recent times. The liveaboard we work with is exceptionally good value for money and very comfortable and accommodating ... and we have even done a reconnaissance of the area.

This is one of the best opportunities you'll ever get to see Blue Whales.


There are few places in the world where Blue Whales congregate in big numbers and despite being the largest animal that ever lived on Earth, we still know surprisingly little about them.

As recently as 2014, scientists published the first satellite tracking of Blue Whales into the Banda Sea off Indonesia. These are the same Blue Whales that migrate along Australia’s west coast. Edi, owner of our vessel, has seen many Blue Whales in his lifetime. In October, not only are there still good numbers of Blues around but the conditions are favourable, as the monsoon will have ended.

On this exclusive expedition, you will travel into the heart of one of the world’s most important Blue Whale areas, in the Banda Sea, off Indonesia. You'll also get to see other whales and dolphins and explore the south coast and forgotten islands of the Banda Sea. 

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


The Worst Dinner Guest
Blue Whales, the worst dinner guest

Blue Whales in the Banda Sea

The largest animal that ever lived on Earth would be an awful dinner guest.

Blue Whales are designed to move quickly and efficiently.

Once they’ve hoovered up a vast quantity of food, they would simply leave for another part of the planet.Apart from being terribly impolite, any conversation ... 

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